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Collection and sampling

Sample input

The Environmental Specimen Bank collects sample annually in accordance with a sampling programme by the Norwegian Environmental Agency. The overall aim is to build up time series with selected species and sampling matrices. Occassionally, other samples collected during research activities or monitoring programmes can also be stored in the bank. However, the criteria for input are very strict. This ensure a very high quality of the sample material as well as taking care of economical and practical issues regarding sample treatment. We have established procedures for requests of input.

Please see the procedures below (in Norwegian):
Agreement for input of sampling material
Criteria for input of sampling material 

Collection and sampling:

Here are the sampling and collection procedures. Please note that in case of differences between the English and the Norwegian version, the Norwegian version is the valid one.

Freshwater fish

Marine fish   uer

Blue mussels

Mammals; otter and reindeer

Bird eggs

Bird feathers


Sewage sludge


Arctic samples:

Mammals; Arctic fox

Mammals; Ringed seal

Mammals; Polar bear

Kongsfjorden marine foodweb

Mjøsa freshwater foodweb; Zooplankton and Mysis relicta

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