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The Environmental Specimen Bank is an archive for the future of environmental samples from the Norwegian nature, and it is an important tool in the national and international work against environmental pollution.

  • The Environmental Specimen Bank contains deep-frozen samples from different species, such as fish and birds from all over the country, including the Arctic.
  • The samples deposited in the bank are time capsules from the environment of today and can be analysed with the knowledge of the future.
  • Environmental pollutants are chemicals that are persistent, can accumulate in living organisms and are toxic.
  • The Environmental Specimen Bank is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment and is managed by the Norwegian Environmental Agency. The daily work is assigned to CIENS as a national task.

Media contacts

Contact information

Morten Jartun
Project leader for the Environmental Specimen Bank, NIVA, CIENS
+47 913 70 188 |


Gunn Lise Haugestøl
Senior advisor, Norwegian Environmental Agency
+47 454 04 520 |



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