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Requests for samples

The Environmental Specimen Bank was established in 2012 and opened for sample requests from 1st of January 2016.

You can find the database here – choose “guest account”.

Criteria for evaluation of requests for samples:

  • Relevance of the project for environmental protection management.
  • Projects on time trends for new environmental pollutants should be prioritised.
  • There might be restrictions for some sample materials. Sample matrices with few samples and/or few locations might have larger restrictions than sample materials with larger sample and/or more easy to collect.
  • The main aim for these kind of samples are retrospective analyses and effects of new environmental pollutants.
  • Projects on «known pollutants» but where the project will provide new insight in mechnisms and ecological relevant knowledge can also be evaluated.
  • The applicant must be able to document high and excellent knowledge within the field of environmental pollution and with special emphasis in the specific theme and setting for the requested samples.

Samples can only be provided from the Environmental Specimen Bank after an approval by the expert group. Providing of samples should be documented in the database in accordance with the bank’s procedures.
The Environmental Specimen Bank has running application deadlines. Since criteria and rules for requests can be changed and updated, the rules published on the home page 6 weeks before the application is sent is the rules that applies for an application.

To send a request for samples, please fill out this application and send it by post or email to:

Gaustadalléen 21
NO-0349 Oslo

E-mail: morten.jartun (a)

When fish is dissected, it is possible to ask for the material not used. Such request can be approved without an approval of the ordinary application. If you are interested, please contact the Environmental Specimen Bank directly for more information. Remember that the Environmental Specimen Bank should be acknowledged for providing the material in any kind of publications and outreach.

More information (Norwegian) and procedures  are listed here:

Critieria for requests and usage of sampling material 

Contract for receiving samples

Contract for receiving and using sample material


Information on scientific training and procedures is available in Norwegian:
Scientific training of ESB staff

Rules for decision process, openness and confidentiality

For English information, please contact the bank at


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